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Celebrating H Mobility H 2018 Superstar


US Arabian Nationals Champion CP Manifesto


Manifesto 2018 US Arabian National Champion



Hennessey and Trowbridge 2


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CP Manifesto sired by H Mobility H owned by Katherine Kirby
2016 U.S. Reserve National Champion Purebred Jr. Country English Pleasure horse.
H Mobility H is proving to be a consistent sire of upright, well balanced, typey foals, with the oldest just turning five years of age. As an athlete and performance horse himself, Mobility is highly intelligent, eager to please, and has a limitless work ethic, and is one of the most athletic individuals in the country. He is short coupled, with excellent legs and feet, and a high set neck with a well defined throat latch, beautiful eye and head, and dense, strong bone structure.  


Dr. Jim Alderson, DVM and Director of the WK Kellogg Arabian Horse Center at Cal Poly states, "H Mobility H has been incredibly consistent in producing top quality foals for us. He has proven to be a fantastic outcross for our Huck bred mares, and passes on the exact traits needed to produce outstanding English type horses. The foals we have by him are beautiful, athletic, have long upright necks, and tons of trot!"


Some H Mobility H's Show Ring Highlights include:


  • U.S. National Reserve Champion English Pleasure Futurity


  • Region 12 Unanimous Champion English Pleasure Jr. Horse
  • U.S. National Top Ten English Pleasure Junior Horse


  • Unanimous Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure Open
  • Region 12 Champion English Pleasure


  • Top Five Celebration English Pleasure
  • US Nationals Arabian English Pleasure Top Ten


  • Region 13 Unanimous Champion Purebred English Pleasure
  • Region 13 Unanimous Champion Purebred Park Horse
  • Region 15 Unanimous Champion Purebred English Pleasure
  • Region 15 Reserve Champion Purebred Park Horse
  • Canadian National Reserve Champion Purebred Park Horse
  • Canadian National Top Ten Purebred English Pleasure Horse


Mo Knows Magic




























Exciting Mobility Motion in Scottsdale  


Frank and Mo















Mary Trowbridge on H Mobility H in Scottsdale


Mobility Scottsdale 1


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