Our Young Riders give us great joy with every visit to the farm and with every ride at our shows. We are proud to say we work with every level rider from beginner to advanced providing the skills and knowledge needed to create a true equestrian.


Trowbridges young equestrians at the 2014 Youth Nationals Arabian Horse Show 


Megan Top 10

Congrats to Megan and Eli on your Reserve Champion ribbon!

 Rory Top Ten

Congrats Rory Ronan and Down and Dirty on your first national ribbon! 


Youth Nationals Party Mobile  Mobile

There were all kinds of great rides at Youth Nationals this year. 


Our Young Equestrians out did themselves 
at Region 15


Rory Ronan and Mikey


Rory and Mikey were on a roll with outstanding rides winning a Reserve Championship in both Showmaship and PB Hunter Pleasure with Mikey.


Rory Ronan and Down and Dirty

rory 3

Rory with Down and Dirty were are an amazing team winning a Championship in the HA Country English! Great Job!


Young Equestrian continue their success at the Buckeye

Meg Tracey was a true Champion at the Buckeye with her Talented partner Eli. Their Champioship ribbon waved proudly for the Trowbridge team with everyone saying Congrats and Great Ride Meg.

Meg Tracey adn Eli

Meg Buckeye Champ


Our Young Riders at Region 16 Hudson Valley Arabian Horse Show

Rory Ronan

Rory and his beautiful Down and Dirty won the HA English Pleasure JOTR Championship at Hudson Valley. It was truly an exciting ride. Congrats Rory!


 Rory and Dirty Hudson Valley


With Safety being paramount we instill confidence for riders to become an accomplished rider and competitor. Whether your child desires introductory lessons or a program to help them compete at the national level, our program will provide all the support and development needed.


Trowbridge's Ltd. offers horses for sale and lease for Young Riders. For more information, please send an email to Mary Trowbridge (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call the farm directly (860) 354-8926.


Clara D'Amico

Clara   Clara 2

 McKenna Casey

 McKenna and Kayleigh   Mckenna and Steed


Exciting New Partnership

Rory Ronan and the Ronan family has purchased Down and Dirty LOA, a 6 year old 
Half-Arbian Gelding. They
 are already proving to be an exciting team to watch this year with their recent Championship win at Hudson Valley. 

Rory Ronan and Down and Dirty

Rory and Dirty 2   Rory and Dirty


 Anne Pagano and Hope

Anne Pagano and Kayleigh  





Mary and McKenna


Clara 3


McKenna waving


Clara 4


Rory and DD 1


Anne Pagano 2